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Very often I see situation, when site is filled up with different intenet bots, which create thousands of sessions in Joomla 3. When site speed is slowing down, people decide to buy more powerfull hosting plan or VDS. But you can change the situation in better way just by closing access for whose guests, which are really Bad bots or unknown parsers. And Plugin Bad bot and IP Blocker for Joomla 3 will help you.

Every time when i edit texts on sites runing on Joomla 3, the articles get a big amount of hits made by me. In JED there are many extensions which only can reset hits on artciles by using user`s filter. But I don`t want to reset hits to zero, I want Joomla just not count hits on articles when I logged in as Super User. That`s why I made a simple plugin named as SUHits for Joomla 3.

What to do when every text on your site is unique and interesting for guests, but nobody wants to like it in social nets? It looks like guests` "likes" in their acconts are limited. Assume that social buttons are on the right place, visible, traffic from search engines is going up, but “social net” advertising is not working. To change this not positive situation russian developers created a content plugin for CMS Joomla 3 named as Social Interlock. The review of this extension you can find in this post.