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What to do when every text on your site is unique and interesting for guests, but nobody wants to like it in social nets? It looks like guests` "likes" in their acconts are limited. Assume that social buttons are on the right place, visible, traffic from search engines is going up, but “social net” advertising is not working. To change this not positive situation russian developers created a content plugin for CMS Joomla 3 named as Social Interlock. The review of this extension you can find in this post.

What is it Social Lock? This is an extension, that makes a part of text invisible until the user clicks on like, tweet or plus+. The Social InterLock is a content plugin for Joomla 3, that’s makes the special part of text visible only then the like, tweet or plus is really published on the social wall in user`s account. Just imagine how much traffic can you get from social networks. Now let’s have a look on plugin`s installation and properties.

1. Getting the Social InterLock plugin for Joomla 3

You can go to Joomline.ru, register and buy it. It costs about 19.99 USD for 5 domain license. Download it and start to install.

2. Installation of Social InterLock plugin for Joomla 3

In Joomla 3 Administrator panel open menu Extensions - > Extension Manager. Select downloaded installation package and then click Upload & Install button. If everything goes right the message will appear.

3. Setting the Social InterLock plugin for Joomla 3

After successful installation go to menu Extensions – Plugin Manager and find our new plugin named as JS Social InterLock. Open it. The first tab contatins the basic seeting of this plugin. Type of Data - choose which will work more faster. Second one will not work on cheap hostings without CURL. Prefix for domain - choose the main mirror for your site. With WWW of without. Also you must put redirect from mirror to main mirror. The key for the domain - you can get your licence key for domain in personal cabinet http://joomline.net/ru/component/keygen/?view=keys or open the InterLock in the begging of this article and get it from me. Text indexing - if you set Yes the searchengines will index the text which is closed in InterLock. Users also could see it in page source code. If you set No the text will be encode64. Hide only for guests does not need more description.

Social InterLock for Joomla 3 

In second settings tab you can choose which social nets you want to include in your Social Lock. Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Google and MoiMir is supported. 

Social InterLock for Joomla 3

In the next tab you can turn on autoadding social lock in articles and enter number of text intro chars before closing with lock. Also you can choose categories in which this plugin should not work. 

Next settings which need some attention are in Advanced section. Here you can set do you want to load Jquery, type introduction text for Social Lock, background and text color and section named as "download section libraries" - what does the last one mean i dont know.

Social InterLock for Joomla 3

4. Using Social InterLock for Joomla

If you want some text to be locked with this plugin use syntax { jllikelock } text which you want to close { /jllikelock }. Tags should be without spaces you know. If user likes the url of page which contains social lock will appear in his social wall.

Also you can use syntax { jllikelock url=yousite.com } text which you want to close { /jllikelock }. If you use this syntax -  the url which is set with tag will appear in social networks.

5. My conclusion

Quiet good idea. Documentation is zero, how to use and deep definition of some settings i got just by testing the plugin. Sometimes plugin working speed is bad, but it`s not just extension`s problem. Support - just by adding ticket. Users ask questions in forum, but answers looks like "We sent you email". 

Black cat Bublik says that if you want to try it - extenstion is stable.

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