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Very often I see situation, when site is filled up with different intenet bots, which create thousands of sessions in Joomla 3. When site speed is slowing down, people decide to buy more powerfull hosting plan or VDS. But you can change the situation in better way just by closing access for whose guests, which are really Bad bots or unknown parsers. And Plugin Bad bot and IP Blocker for Joomla 3 will help you.

The Author is Emil I Bonach. Plugin is not free, it costs about 9 dollars. You can get in from official page in JED - http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/extension/access-a-security/site-access/bad-bot-and-ip-blocker

1. Bad bot and IP Blocker Features

1. Block unknown browsers and crawlers/bots/spiders.

2. Can block IP's and bots for the front end or back end or both. Instructions displayed on the plugin splash page. 

Bad bot and IP Blocker for Joomla 3

 3. No modifications to the .htaccess file. No modifications to the robots.txt file, many bots ignore it anyway.

Bad bot and IP Blocker for Joomla 3

 4. Block IP's by their country code. No IP/Country database to maintain or download.

Bad bot and IP Blocker for Joomla 3

 5.Allow specific IP's by Whitelist. Block specific IP's by Blacklist.

Bad bot and IP Blocker for Joomla 3

6. Bad or unkown bots or IP's are logged and redirected to google.com or the site of your choosing.

Bad bot and IP Blocker for Joomla 3

 7. Maintains accepted and rejected counts for today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, last month, last year and total YTD - module included to display counts in the front end (mod_botipblocker_cnt).

2. Sequence of events

1. The Whitelist is checked for allowed Ip's.

2. The Blacklist is checked for banned IP's.

3. The country code (selected from an external up to date database*) is determined by the IP address.

4. If country code matches the selected banned country code list, will be dis-allowed.

5. The Good Browsers and Bots list is checked for allowed good browsers and bots.

6. The bad Crawlers/Bots list is checked for bad bots.

7. Bad or unkown bots, bad IP's and unknown browsers are logged, a rejection message is displayed and, after 8 seconds, redirected to google.com or the site of your choosing

3. Conclusion

Very usefull plugin, must have everyone. Need time to get working properly, but after all everything goes quite good. If you hate bots - you have to use Bad bot and IP Blocker.

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